19 September 2021


DO WRITE OUT ALL INFORMATION in your advertisement deal. Read it, modify it,
and re-write it for a shorter, cash saving efficient ad.
” Believe little”.

DO FOLLOW ALL THE GUIDELINES when composing your categorized advertisement. Usage
these ideas.

Attention Interest Desire Action

DO USE A NAME with each classified ad including your envelopes.

DO NOT CHARGE for sales letters or circulars.

DO BE SINCERE with all your classified advertisement claims.

DO IDENTIFY your item.


DO USAGE WORDS EVERYBODY KNOWS and everybody will understand what
your are stating.

DO USE A WORD that will benefit a reader.


DO ADVERTISE REGULARLY. Consistent direct exposure creates a familiar
deal with much better reaction.

DO DEAL A CASH BACK GUARANTEE in your classified advertisement,
salesletter or circular if possible. An excellent sales

DO TEST YOUR AD in 2 or 3 smaller sized, low expense publications.
Record results. Code each advertisement

DO READ PUBLICATIONS that relate to your product. Write for advertisement.
rates, paid blood circulation, discount rates and closing dates. Keep

DO HAVE ALL YOUR LITERATURE AND PRODUCTS prepared for sending by mail when
your advertisement appears in the publication of your option. Do not postpone
in reacting.

DO USAGE THE COPYCAT APPROACH. Do what other effective marketers
are doing. Just with a small twist, concept or offer.

DO RUN SEVERAL ADS worded in a different way. Keep records of outcomes.

DON’T OVER ADVERTISE. It can be costly. If you wish to, do
it slowly.

DON’T PRETEND YOU KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS. Due to the fact that you do not.
Require time to discover what you require to know.

DON’T TRUST YOUR MEMORY. A thought will leave you as quickly as
it came. Always make a note of a great concept. NOW!

DON’T LOCATION YOUR AD in the wrong classification.

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY on advertisement words to entertain or entertain, but
usage words to persuade, notify and sell your product.

DO USAGE A SHORT SERVICE NAME. Make it simple to pronounce and

DON’T FORGET THE M.E.D.I.C.S. Inspiration. Enthusiasm. Desire.
Image. Imagination. Success!

DON’T QUIT. If your advertisement does not pull after a reasonable direct exposure,
try re-writing it. One or 2 various words might do the technique.

DON’T INVEST THE PROFITS. Re-invest the money in more continuous

DON’T FORGET, an ad that uses “FREE DETAILS” suggests composing a.
sales letter or circular.


Getting your rate lists, sales brochures, catalogs or newsletters.
typeset does not always need to be a costly procedure.
Keep in mind that the primary cost in typesetting is the time.
associated with setting type. By lessening the time needed to.
create a typeset piece you can efficiently keep your cost down.
The following tips can help in reducing your typesetting.

Know what you want the VERY FIRST TIME around. Have a photo in.
your mind. Trial and error can be expensive. Don’t have actually a.
typesetter set it one way, then decide a different format would.
look better.

Decrease and remove author’s corrections by thorough proofing.
and re-proofing.

Avoid minimum charges by combining little jobs and having them.
set at the very same time.

Try to utilize one family of type to save time and cash by preventing.
typeface modifications. The constant appearance is better.

Offer specific directions on increasing copy: type styles,.
column widths/margins.

With a big task, such as a pamphlet or yearly report, request a.
style setting evidence sheet to get approvals before the entire job.
is done.

Avoid super rush jobs, specifically if you don’t truly require them.

Avoid lengthy corrections on the phone. You might end up paying.
for corrections later that could have been avoided if you had.
done your modifying on proof sheets.

Get the design completed and approved before having type set …
the exact same opts for copy, of course.

Prevent making use of “run-arounds” (lowering the width of the copy.
to make space for an image in the column, for instance). If you do.
use them, use easy shapes, boxes, squares.

Avoid making use of curved or angular type. Type reading left to.
right on a page (for instance, this report) is much faster and less.
pricey to set than copy that is embeded in a curve or running.
sideways on the page.

Making use of unjustified text and captions is less pricey than.
justified due to the fact that it sets quicker, costing less time.

Do not depend upon the typesetter to read your mind. Be specific.

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