19 September 2021

SEO: How to Use Keywords Efficiently to Reduce PPC Spend.

If you have never bought traffic using Google AdWords, you will probably know that it can be difficult to get a good ranking on Google.

In fact, most people will give up and start trying to optimize their own sites for higher traffic!

While this is excellent for Google (and excellent for the rest of us) the problem is that the traffic that is coming to your site will be highly targeted. What this means is that the traffic coming to your site will be coming from people who are looking for your content.

This means you have to be a little more creative in figuring out how you are going to manipulate your content to reach the masses when it comes to SEO and Google.

Have you tried Google’s Keyword Tool?

The first tool I want you to leverage is the Google Keyword Tool. To see this simply head on over to Google and run a search for it. Next, you will want to set the search location to the country you want to traffic to. If you are planning on selling anything that is locally themed than this is the perfect area to gather the information (if you aren’t in the United States).

Once you have your keywords that you want to use, you need to purchase those keywords. There are plenty of places that offer quality pay-per-click traffic, but if you are small or start-up you may be a charged a fee. However, chances are that you won’t have to wait long before you start seeing the traffic level.

If AdWords is a must…

If you are going to be using AdWords make sure you set this to a country you are targeting. This maps to the general search terms that you want to go after.

Next, you want to purchase a banner ad on MSN’s AdCenter. You’ll be surprised how many people click on banner ads. Also, this is a Google property so it will get you a little Google love.

Google is King in terms of SEO.

seo team

You can get to the banners easily by going to Google again and searching for AdWords. Then click the banner ad you want to buy. You can see how to set up the banner ad by just going to Google and searching for Google Banner Ads.

For Yahoo! send ads directly through Yahoo with no hook or countries. Pay-Per-Click is perhaps the most popular method of driving traffic. This can get to be very expensive in the long run.

There are several ways to use Google other than the paid Google AdWords. Your best option is to use the Google Search Network. This will give your business some post distribution traffic and help with keyword saturation. It will also help with your Page Rank.

Another option is to use Google Blog.

You can post directly from your Google enriched Gmail account and have your content sort based on various different topics. It will look similar to Google search and could be a good source of traffic.

Google Text-Of-Page is also a good way to get ranked and drive traffic.

This is basically Google’s take on displaying search results. Submit your marketing website for indexing every time its new in the Google index.

There are other Google services that you can use like Google organized search. They convenience buy and sort your Google search.

These are just a few of the Google services available. If you are new to Google I suggest you look into these Google services once you get going with your website. They will provide you with a steady stream of traffic and will help you get your site in farther in the Google search results.

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